MECOSTA — Saturday shoots resumed earlier this year at the Mecosta County Rod & Gun Club.

“It’s been pretty slow so far,” club president Randy Rice said. “We had a couple of weeks we didn’t do anything and a couple of weeks there were just a few guys.”

The sporting clay range is open for competition 1-4 p.m. every Saturday. The weather generally doesn’t dictate if the shoots will occur.

“We stay right outside,” Rice said.

But the weather can obviously dictate the turnout each week.

Rice indicated the shoots will follow a regular routine for awhile.

The club also offers trap and sporting clay ranges, plus rifle range, archery range and solo/hand gun ranges. Further information on the availability of the ranges is available on the club’s website.

Rice said the clubhouse is undergoing some renovation. There’s no structure expansion, just basic renovation. The renovation was slated to be done sometime this month for a couple of weeks.

“There’s not much going on right now,” Rice said.