REED CITY — Chad Samuels is out for high school golf in his first season and has been enjoying some solid success. He had played the sport prior to this season but not in high school.

“I played baseball my whole life,” he said. “I  do AAU basketball too. I didn’t feel I had time to do AAU basketball and baseball. So I decided to play golf. For golf, there’s weekend tournaments.”

That factor allowed Samuels to get everything into his spring sports schedule

“It’s pretty good,” he said. “It’s started out a little rough but it’s getting better. I’m trying to get better every day. I work on things I need to work on.”

As of early May, Samuels’ best round had been a 90 for 18 holes. Poor April weather delayed the start of the spring sports season.

“It held us back a little bit but not much,” Samuels said. Irons have been the strongest part of Samuels’ game.

“I need to work on my putting and my driving a little bit,” he said, adding that he hoped to get in the mid 80s before the season ends. “I need to work on my putting. I’ve had a lot of three putts and it frustrates me because I know I can shoot in the mid 80s.”

Samuels also plays football and basketball, and said that golf, when things aren’t going well, can be frustrating at times.  He indicated wide open courses suit his game better compared to the tight ones.

“It’s a fun sport, but it’s mentally tough,” he said. “You have to have the right mindset and you have to have a good attitude.”

The Coyotes hope to advance from districts to regionals.

“We’re doing pretty good this year,” Samuels said. “We’re getting better. We’re getting there.”