Saez contributing to Reed City varsity basketball team

REED CITY -- Another Saez is getting the job done for the Reed City boys basketball team.

Josh Saez is on the Coyote roster this season. His brother, Dakota, was a graduating starter from a year ago.

Last week against Morley Stanwood, Saez scored 13 points in an 83-69 victory over Morley Stanwood.

“We were doing a good job putting the ball in the hoop, getting out and running,” Saez, a junior said, adding that the win, after an 0-2 start, “gets us prepared for the next couple of games and Big Rapids again, a game we really want back.”

The Coyotes started out the season with losses to Cadillac and Big Rapids.

It’s Saez’s first varsity season.

He continues to work on adjusting to the varsity level.

“It’s taken a couple of games,” Saez said.

“The speed of the game is a lot faster. I’m out there to hopefully get a bunch of assists and dish it off to the person that’s open.”

Scoring against Morley Stanwood was a confidence booster for Saez.

“Dribbling, defense and passing,” have been among Saez’s strengths.

“My shooting, I’m trying to improve on that.”

Saez said his brother “was a better shooter, I’ve got him on speed and defense. He has me in shooting.”

Playing as a team and being the same page will be keys for the Coyotes in future games.

We have a lot practice to do to get there.”