Rocket football coach reflects on undefeated season

REED CITY — Many Reed City Rocket football teams put a close to successful season including a squad coached by Keith Agan, Dan Pelton and Jess Rolston.

Their team was the Reed City eighth-graders that competed in the Jack Pine League.

Reed City played for the championship at Ferris. The two division winners played for the conference title at Top Taggart Field.

“Our eighth graders were the only ones to go undefeated in the conference,” Pelton said. “In the whole conference, all the teams are Sanford Meridian, Beal City, Beaverton, Chippewa Hills, McBain, Houghton Lake, Clare, Evart and Farwell.”

The team was 8-0 following the championship game with Clare.

Three standouts included Zachary Wirgua, Steve Shewan and Mason Bush.  Other players on the team included Cody Kailing, Nick Douglas, Brandon Major, Jackson Price, Josh Mund, Ryan Simmons, Brendyn Mieras,  Stewart Smith, Dakota Grein, Jared Fuller, Chance Blake, Hunter Zuern, Connor Agan, Preston Johnson, Tyler Thayer, Douglas Pierce, Jared Kienitz, Michael Johnson, Gerald Olmstead, Anthony Pelton, Austin Miller and Peyton Knight.

“They’re disciplined and a very coachable group of kids,” Pelton said.