Resident remains active in local hunting and fishing

Trophies: Dave Robinson, with his many hunting trophies. (John Raffel/Herald Review photo)
Trophies: Dave Robinson, with his many hunting trophies. (John Raffel/Herald Review photo)

PARIS -- Dave Robison is a life-long area resident who has put in a lot of years hunting and has loved every second of it.

“I try to do some bow hunting with whatever much time I have,” he said. “I work nights, but I try to get in seven to eight days of hunting in for rifle season.”

It wasn’t the type of season he would have preferred.

“I saw a little spikehorn the first morning I passed up and some does and I passed on everything and ended up with nothing,” he said. “I got a 5-point with a crossbow.”

The number of deer out there, “depends on where you’re at,” he said. “There’s areas of the county that supports more deer because there’s less population.”

Robison lives west of Big Rapids across the county line into Newaygo County and in the Reed City school district. His family has been in the area since 1912.

Robison has hunted for 45 years in following a family tradition.

“On the farm, we always hunted,” he said. “My dad hunted, my grandfather hunted, it’s just something country folks do.”

Robison many years ago went out west hunting and has some mule deer mounts in his garage.

“I have a hunting buddy we used to hunt with out there and he continues to go out there,” Robison said. “I don’t think he’s missed a year.”

Fishing is also occasionally on Robison‘s agenda.

“My brother lives on the south branch of the Pere Marquette so I’ll go out there for the weekend for the opening of trout season,” Robison said. “It’s a get together-trout camp.”

Robison hopes to stay active. He’s never missed a deer season.

“I’d like to continue to be able to go out every season,” he said. “My uncle from Fife Lake comes down and hunts with me. I don’t know how many more years he’ll be able to do that. We just enjoy hunting together.”