Reed city soccer keeper having impressive season

Miriah Hodges



REED CITY – Miriah Hodges has been getting the job done as Reed City’s soccer goal keeper this season.

Hodges has been a keeper for several years and is a sophomore.

“It’s been going pretty good, a lot better than I expected it to be,” Hodges said, adding the high school level, compared to others, “is a lot harder and more difficult.”

It’s more challenging, Hodges admitted to know where the shots are going.

“You have to keep a good mindset and not tell myself I’m doing bad,” she said. “You have to keep a good positive mindset and say you can do good.”

It’s her fourth year of playing keeper. She also had that position in AYSO.

“We needed one and I decided to be the keeper,” Hodges said.

It’s a decision she hasn’t regretted.

“I don’t have to run as much as everyone else,” she smiled. “You can’t be scared to talk to everyone and have to know where everybody is and move fast to be able to get to the ball.”

Hodges feels she has good hands to get to the loose ball. She’s trying to improve on her feet movement.

“The team is doing better than I thought it would be,” Hodges said, “even though we don’t have many upperclassmen. We’re doing pretty good.”

Hodges also runs cross country and plays basketball.

Soccer is her favorite sports.

“I’ve always loved soccer more than anything else,” she said.