Reed City youngster bags his first deer

REED CITY — Last weekend’s youth hunt had many successful hunters, including 8-year-old Christopher Olsson of Reed City, who took his first deer near Hersey with a Mossberg .223 on Saturday.

Olsson’s uncle, Kevin Sims, was with him during the hunt, along with Sims’ nephew Jordon Rolston, who came as an observer.

Olsson bagged a mature doe that weighed about 130 pounds dressed.

“He’s been with me to observe but this is the first time he’s been actually hunting,” Sims said.

Olsson was able to get the job done before a torrential downpour put a damper on hunting activities.

“It was looking like the weather was going to be stormy and a good chance to rain,” Sims said. “We weren’t sure we would be able to get a hunt in. We decided to try.”

Around 5 p.m., they were outside and about 20 minutes later, Sims saw some movement in the woods.

“I told (Christopher) to get ready because they were coming out,” Sims said. “This group of four does was coming out. We picked the biggest one. He fired from about 55 yards. Down she went. We no more got it tagged and gutted and up to the house and the downpour came down. We had a 40-minute window to get the deer and get out of the field before we got drenched. We were pretty fortunate.”

Olsson only needed one shot to bag his prize.

Bow hunting season starts next week and Sims is hoping the prospects will be bright. But for the youth hunt, he acknowledged the emphasis wasn’t necessarily on trophy bucks.

“We weren’t very picky with his first deer,” Sims said. “He was very excited. Last year, he went with me during muzzleoading season and I got a deer. That started to get him hooked.”