Reed City wrestlers continue into a new spring program

REED CITY — Roger Steig has been coach for Reed City boys wrestling team many years but will remember this past season for a long time.

The Coyotes were 20-10 overall and third place in the Central State Activities Association. They qualified six wrestlers for regionals. Adam Kehr was third in the state.

“We took a big step forward this year,” Steig said. “We were junior-dominated in our lineup so we have most of our guys coming back. I was excited about this year. I think our team wrestled up to its potential. We set some goals early in the year and we achieved those goals. We’ll set our goals higher and we’ll be looking for more next year.”

Kehr and Drake Walker are the two seniors graduating.

“We’ll be solid coming back next year,” Steig said. “We’ve got a good (group) coming out of the eighth grade. I’m excited about next year.”

The Coyotes had 26 wrestlers this season, a result in part of strong elementary and middle school programs.

Steig said Reed City is participating in WAAAM wrestling, a program that allows high school coaches to work with their teams out of season.

“A kid can get up to 40 matches in the next six weeks,” Steig said. “Coaches are focusing on JV wrestlers and junior high. Wrestlers can make up for lost experience they didn’t get during the season.”

Reed City will host a regional April 19. Battle Creek Lakeview will have the state championships April 26. it’s a statewide event, Steig added.

“Seventh graders will wrestle against seventh graders, eighth graders against eighth graders and all the way up,” Steig said. “Kids that didn’t have success during the regular season will have a chance to have success now.

“We’re having signup Tuesday night (this week) and are encouraging them all to be involved and are hoping to get as many as we can.”