Reed City woman bags 7-point buck

Katelin Reed bagged a 7-point buck during the firearm season
Katelin Reed bagged a 7-point buck during the firearm season

REED CITY — The firearm season ended on Thursday, but it’s one Katelin Reed, 18, of Reed City, will remember for a long time.

Reed was hunting 7:30 a.m. on Nov. 17, the third day of the rifle season. She was hunting in the Reed City - Lake County area and bagged a 7-point buck with 15 3/4-inch rack span.

She used one shot from her 30.06. It’s the third deer in her career.

Reed was hunting by herself on private property. She did not know ahead of time the 7-pointer was there.

“I was sitting out in my blind and it was still pretty dark so I was relaxing and taking in all the scenery,” she said. “I had noticed a couple of does down to where I normally see deer. I noticed one that was way bigger than the does that were down there. So I got my gun up, I was looking through the scope and I saw horns. So I got all excited.”

She kept her scope on the buck, but admitted it was still rather dark.

“I waited and it was still by the does,” Reed said. “I was still excited but I waited until it got lighter. He chased the does off and I thought he was going to run too, but he didn’t. It was getting lighter and I could tell he was big. I waited until I got a shot on him.”

Reed connected with the shot.

“He ran like 10 feet into the woods,” Reed said. “I called my grandpa real quick and told him I shot a big deer. I got out of my blind and went there to look. There was no blood, so I was scared and thought I missed him. My grandpa came, went into the woods and saw the horns. There it was.”

It’s the biggest of the three deer she’s shot in her lifetime. She saw several deer during her successful hunt.

“There were about five does out there,” Reed City said.

Reed attends Baker College in Cadillac.