REED CITY -- It's the time of year hunters like Howard Lodholtz of Reed City truly enjoy. He likes goose, duck, turkey and deer hunting.

The early goose season, "was good for us, so far," Lodholtz said in September. "I think it's going to be a good duck season. I've been seeing a lot of ducks."

Lodholtz has been waterfowl hunting "a long time," he smiled.

As for deer hunting, "we've been seeing some nice bucks on the property," Lodholtz said. His biggest bucks have been 10-pointers, with the most recent one coming two years ago.

The bow season for deer started on Tuesday.

"And on the fifth I'll be duck hunting," Lodholtz said. "I like duck and goose hunting the best. I like being with the guys out in the field. That's the fun part plus watching the dogs."