Reed City volleyball team wraps up summer with hitting camp

REED CITY — Hitting was the focus for a two-day Reed City volleyball camp that put an end to the Coyotes’ summer season.

When practices start Aug. 13, winning will be the focus as the Coyotes prepare for their regular season. Hitting, however, is likely to play a key role in how much winning success the team enjoys. The final day of last week’s camp was Thursday.

Coach Don Patterson had around 24 players at the two-day sessions.

“This is all hitting the last two days. It’s our hitting camp. We just work on hitting techniques,” he said, noting that while some of the girls will specialize in serving, setting and passing, “everyone will be working on the hitting techniques we do at our hitting camp. It carries over into all aspects of the game, some of those techniques.”

Patterson hinted that Reed City’s hitting camp may have some unique aspects compared to others.

“Everybody has their own philosophies, with different tweaks here and there,” he said. “We do some things some of the other people don’t do.”

During the drill, Patterson was frequently reminding players to snap their wrists during the hitting process.

There are various levels of ability at the camp, Patterson acknowledged.

“We have some freshmen, some incoming kids and some seniors,” he said. “We treat them pretty much all the same. As we go toward the end of it, we’ll work at some different place sets and will take some different skill sets.”

Patterson said typically he runs a 6-6 offense.

“We’ll have six hitters and any point in time, we’ll have three in the front row,” he said. “Most teams end up with three or four kids that get a majority of the (hit attempts).”

This week is a dead period and the Coyotes open practices Aug. 13 with a tourney at Ludington Aug. 22

“Like most summers, we got a lot accomplished with a couple nice scrimmages,” Patterson said, noting that his team will be younger than last year. “It’s one of those (teams) where we’ll get better as the season goes along. Every year we do.”

It will be a hectic practice schedule for the Coyotes starting Aug. 13.

“We’ll go to Cadillac for a scrimmage on that Saturday,” Patterson said. “We come in and do our (team) camp work. We stay overnight for two nights and play volleyball the whole time. It was a suggestion from the kids. They really like it. It’s a good bonding (activity). They’re upstairs and are camped out overnight. I have a couple of female coaches and assistants to spend the night with them. It’s a good thing to add to our program.”

Alison Schermerhorn is among the returning players from last season and has had a busy summer. She said she’s been focusing on defense.

“That’s what I need to work on the most, just getting it to the target,” she said, adding that she’s working to get her hits faster “and getting top spin and solid contact.”