Reed City volleyball team gears up for Thursday camp

REED CITY — Summer volleyball practices started less than a month ago for the Reed City Coyotes but there’s still a busy schedule coming up the next few weeks for coach Don Patterson’s team.

“We’ve had some open gyms and have had a couple of different scrimmages and a couple of camps we’ll do,” Patterson said. “In all probability, we’ll probably do at least one Ferris camp yet (next week).”

Patterson has had most of his volleyball players with him during the summer even though most are also involved in other sports such as basketball and softball.

“Sami (Michell) has been doing track stuff this summer,” Patterson noted. “She was out in Texas for nationals.”

Patterson said he and the other Reed City girls team coaches work together to avoid crossovers.

On Thursday, there will be a camp at the high school gym for all players.

The first of August is another dead period until the first day of practices, Aug. 8.

“We’ve got done what we want to get done,” Patterson said. “We’ve used up most of the dates that we can. We have a lot of kids back. Jordyn Mason was the only senior last year. We’ll add three to four real promising juniors.”

Aug. 8-10 will be tryouts,

“We start (the following) Sunday and stay overnight in the high school gym, practice, do all kinds of team building stuff ... scrimmage Cadillac Thursday and then we’re really starting,” Patterson said.

The season starts with action Aug. 18 at Alma.