Reed City volleyball program starts ball control camp

REED CITY — The beginning of volleyball practice is officially Aug. 12, but coach Don Patterson and his Reed City team is getting intense in its preparations for the season right now.

This week, the Coyotes have been having a hitting camp.

Monday was the last day of hitting camp. A ball control camp is coming later this month.

The hitting camp started on Sunday.

“We will expand on some things we did (Sunday),” Patterson said. “Typically the first day, we  go through and expand on a few things we don’t normally get to during the course of the year. In the course of the year, we have a whole bunch of other things that have to happen like rotation work and serving and passing, and all those things.”

The focus earlier this week was on hitting with arm techniques and related areas.

“(Monday), we’ll work on expanding some set combinations and things they may not be able to apply before because of those other pressures that are on them,” Patterson said. “It’s more fun (Monday) actually for them.”

There’s been between 15 to 20 at the hitting camp. There were not only high school players but also some from the junior varsity and middle school levels at the camp.

This summer, it’s been “higher than normal” production with “higher than normal” participation,” Patterson said. “We try to be cautious of the other programs. The demands on kids’ times during the summer is immense.”

The weekend of Aug. 22, the Coyotes will be open their schedule. Opponents and location have yet to be announced.

Patterson anticipate having more experience on the varsity level this season compared to 2014.

One of the returning players is Ally Yarger.

“We all know each other pretty much,” she said. “We’re all friends. You have to know your players individually and how they all play.”