Reed City volleyball players stay strong in spite of adversity

REED CITY -- It’s still young in the volleyball season but Alaina Woodard likes the way her Reed City Coyotes have been playing in recent weeks.

“When we got down, we didn’t play like we should have,” Woodard said after the Pine River Invitational. “But we’ve been doing pretty good. I think we’ll do good this season. Everyone has their off days.”

Woodard is a junior in her first varsity season for the Coyotes.

“I’ve gotten used to it,” she said of the varsity level. “It did take a lot at first.”

Hitting, blocking and serving have been Woodard’s main assignments.

“I need to get smarter when I hit the ball,” she said, adding that she continues to work on timing and her blocking. “I try to serve consistent.”

Wednesday, the Coyotes are home in Central State Activities Association action against Holton.

“We need to keep playing hard as a team,” Woodard said. “We have to keep talking and playing together, going for every ball.”

Senior Emma Lockhart also remains optimistic for Reed City.

“We’ve been communicating better,” Lockhart said after a 3-0 loss to Morley Stanwood last week in which each game was close. “It was a few miss serves... a few blocks maybe, a just little breaks there, As the season progresses we’ll be able to do well.”

Lockhart again is an outside hitter and defender.

“I’m playing defense better, just trying to do anything I can to help the team,” the RC senior said.

The Coyotes have had to adjust to the loss of senior standout Sami Michell, who will miss the season from a knee injury.

“We’ve been doing better as it’s going on,” Lockhart said, adding that the key for her team each match is “good defense, being smart with the ball and communicating, That’s a big key.”