Reed City volleyball coaches wrap up summer season

REED CITY — Reed City volleyball coach Don Patterson likes the progress his team made over the summer.

The Coyotes wrapped up their summer with volleyball workouts on Friday.

Most of the players were in attendance although Patterson said there were some that were absent due to family commitments.

The Coyotes went Monday and Tuesday for two hours, and Thursday and Friday in the high school gym for 2 1/2 hours. There was emphasis on ball control in earlier weeks. All participating girls were high school age.

Paterson said he was “very happy” with the turnout.

“We got a lot of things done,” he said. “We focus on the hitting camp and can put in some extra play sets we typically wouldn’t have time to do, and expand some of the things to get kids out of their comfort zone a little bit.”

Patterson noted that coaches spend time on fundamentals during hitting exercise such as reminding players about snapping their wrist and dropping their thumbs.

Spending time trying to tweak various fundamentals will hopefully make players better at the end of the season than they were at the beginning, Patterson added.

Practices begin on Aug. 10.