Reed City third baseman set for strong second season

REED CITY — It’s Bailey Brummel’s second year of varsity softball and the Reed City junior is looking at playing a key role for the Coyotes.

“Last year went great,” Brummel said. “We were a strong team. I played third and shortstop last year.”

This season, she’s focusing on third base.

“I’m able to get to the ball and get it to first really fast because of my arm,” she said.

Brummel has played third base since the Little League level.

“It gives you a lot of action and you’re up close,” she said. “You’re into the game. I’ve improved a lot more on fielding it better, and getting down to the ball.”

Brummel is hitting the ball more this season.

“I’ve been hitting it pretty well for starting off the season,” she said. “I like bunting. I think bunting is my strongest suit and being able to get it down. I’m trying to move our hitters around.”

Reed City is home Friday against Chippewa Hills.

“We’re going to be really strong,” Brummel said. “We’re going to try to go all the way. I have a feeling.”

Brummel and her teammates participated in summer and fall softball.

“As we get closer as a team and get used to our strengths and weaknesses, we’ll improve a lot better,” Brummel said.