Reed City sweeper confident of enjoyable soccer season


REED CITY — Emily Nardone is in her junior season with the Reed City Coyotes who are looking for as many key contributions as possible from experienced players in order to have a successful season.

The Coyotes were able to finally start their season in mid-April after pre-spring break weather cancelled various games that were scheduled. Some players were able to practice during the break. After the first three games, the Coyotes started out 0-2-1 after losses to Newaygo and Lakeview and a tie with Hart.

Nardone is a sweeper for the Coyotes.

“When the ball gets past everybody else, I bring it back up,” said Nardone. 

It’s her first varsity season after two springs on the junior varsity level.

“I can kick far and I can sprint,” Nardone said. “I think scoring will be better (this season).”

While Nardone would like to see the Coyotes improve on their scoring, she won’t partake in that part of the game and will continue to focus on defense. After three games, the Coyotes allowed seven total goals while scoring once.

The Coyotes are still trying to catch up from not having been outdoors too much this season.

“It’s different,” Nardone said. “We have to play together.”

The Coyotes are at Lakeview Wednesday.