Reed City students partake in trap shooting league

Gavin Wirth
Gavin Wirth

REED CITY — Jack Adrianse has been spearheading a high school trap shooting team at the Reed City Sportsman Club this spring.

“We started early April with it and the kids have been going with it ever since,” Adrianse, said. “You have kids in grades six through 12 who have been participating in it from the Reed City School District.”

Adrianse has been working with Tony Calabrese who has a similar trap shooting team at Chippewa Hills.

“I help Tony over there and he helps me in Reed City,” Adrianse said.

“We have our state shoot next weekend down in Mason. We have 16 kids out of our 25 going down who shot during the season. This was the inaugural season for us. We were happy with our turnout, having 25 kids. We thought that was good, kind of getting the word out a little bit.

“We have a lot more people wanting to get involved in it as we progress from here on out.”

The team had a few weeks of practices and actual competition.

“We got broken down into conferences and they ranked the kids across the state,” Adrianse said. “They had 959 participants across the state in this. We had 25 out of Reed City. We were fortunate to also have the shooter who tied for No. 1 in the state.”

He was referring to Gavin Wirth, a high school student.

“Gavin has been shooting for about six years,” Adrianse said. “He was invited to the first ever national high school competition that will also be held in Lansing. They’re doing that in July. Gavin was invited in that also.”

An eighth-grade girl from the sportsmans club, Heather Vansyckle, took first place in the conference.

“Out of our 25 I would say 20 were first-time shooters (in organized trap),” Adrianse said.