Reed City sophomores learn plenty at passing tournament

REED CITY — Andre Jones and Collin Hatfield are two Reed City sophomores who learned plenty of Saturday in a 7-on-7 passing tournament.

Jones will be a sophomore at running back and safety and was happy at the Reed City camp with the Coyotes going 5-1.

“It went good. It was not what we suspected but overall we did pretty good,” Jones said. “We’re in a T formation but we might pass the ball a lot this year. We can run and we can pass.”

Jones said plenty of time has gone in to the summer by players.

Saturday’s competition was mixed, he indicated.

“The speed and how fast the game is, and how quick things can happen” are among the key adjustment points to the varsity level,” Jones said.

Hatfield will be a cornerback and running back on varsity.

“It shows commitment to the coaches and that you want to play,” he said. “(With summer ball) you get team bonding, team chemistry. That’s all important. It’s a learning experience, you can get better on everything.”

Defendng the pass was a critical element of Saturday’s tournament at Ferris, he indicated.

“We’ve gotten a lot better since the first 7-on-7,” he said. “We need to tune this up, get better and not have breakdowns in coverage.”