Reed City sophomore safety gearing up for key ballgames

Trenton Sturgell
Trenton Sturgell

REED CITY  — Trent Sturgell is among two sophomores that are getting the job done in the Reed City varsity football lineup this season.

The other 10th-grader is running back Logan Straub, also a linebacker, who is seeing a lot of action.

Sturgell has been seeing action at defensive back. He’s also a wide receiver.

It’s Sturgell’s first varsity season.

“It’s different faster; they’re all faster, bigger and stronger,” Sturgell said. “We’re just playing football.”

Sturgell, as a safety, is heavily involved in pass coverage.

“Our weakest link is probably pass (coverage),” Sturgell said. “I think we’re stepping up. Baldwin gave us a good (test) the first week. I think we’ve improved a lot. It’s practice, practice, practice.”

As a defensive player, Sturgell enjoys hitting. But he wants to improve on his tackling.

“I use my shoulders, I don’t use my hands,” he said. “I have to learn to do that.”

The Coyotes, 5-1, are coming off a 56-20 homecoming win over Big Rapids last Friday. Reed City is 2-1 in the CSAA, and is at Central Montcalm this week.

“We definitely want to make playoffs, we can make a big run,” Sturgell said. “If we beat Chip Hills (plus Big Rapids and Central Montcalm), it will be a three-way tie for conference. We have to play smart and play intense.”