Reed City sophomore eager for second varsity season

Allyson Yarger
Allyson Yarger

REED CITY — Allyson Yarger received valuable experience as a freshman Reed City softball player and is eager for her sophomore year.

“It felt good,” she said of her first varsity season. “Everyone was nice to me.”

Yarger admitted that at first, it was nervous playing on the varsity.

“Then I got into it,” she said, adding that hitting “at first was a struggle. Then I started getting doubles and I became second at bat.”

Eye contact “and hit your hardest every time” was a key factor for Yarger, who expects to be an improved hitter this season. “We’re doing different things,” she said.

Yarger said she’s been told by coach Roger Steig that second base is her focal spot right now, but she could be moved to other positions, if necessary.

Last season, “I started out at outfield and worked my way to shortstop and at the end of the year, I got second,” Yarger said. “In the past, I’ve played shortstop.”

But second base would suit Yarger just fine.

“I like the action and all the double plays and bunt situations you have to do,” she said.

During the offseason, Yarger participated in hitting sessions on Sunday during the winter. Those sessions helped, she indicated. Yarger also will be going with the team next week to Florida during term break.

“That will help a lot,” she said. “We’ll get to see how everyone works at every position. We’ll be outside to play.”

“It should be an improved team from last season,” Yarger indicated. “We’re going to work hard to improve a lot.”

CSAA teams like Chippewa Hills will be tough, “but we’re prepared for them,” she added.

The first scheduled game is for April 17 at Pine River.