Reed City softball team eyes future opportunities

Reed City's softball team was looking to enjoy plenty of success in 2020. (Herald Review file photo)

Reed City's softball team was looking to enjoy plenty of success in 2020. (Herald Review file photo)

REED CITY -- The spring softball season was canceled because of the conoravirus issue, but Reed City coach Roger Steig is hoping to do something with his team and other area players during the offseason.

The Coyotes had opened preseason practices on March 9 and had planned a trip to Florida during the spring break. But on March 13, the MHSAA suspended the season and cancelled it three weeks later.

"It was really disappointing when you put a whole year into planning a trip for a group of athletes to go to Florida like we did," Steig said. "Especially for the seniors, it's sad they don't get that opportunity to go. We had a lot of big things in store for the season. But the brakes got put on it and it all got stopped."

The Coyotes had 13 girls going on the trip with some JV players attending. The trip was to Destin Fla., on Florida's panhandle.

"We were using the City of Destin's park," Steig said. "We were also working with Northern Florida University. We were going to train five days down there and spend a day with the Northern Florida team."

Depending on the interest, Steig indicated a Florida trip during the season could be in the cards for the 2021 team.

"If the girls want to go, we're capable of going and will be supportive of it," Steig said. "Some of the girls who were in the big push for going this year were seniors and won't be with us next year."

The school is closed, but Steig is keeping busy getting his athletes ready for next year.

"We've got some workouts and I've made it a contest amongst the girls on things they have to do at home," Steig said. "They report to me every Monday on the results on their workouts. Pitchers are doing more workouts than most. We have pitchers and catchers and the whole team doing different workouts to help then in their different positions. Then they report to me on Monday on what they've done. We've made competition on it. At the end of different competitions, the top three, I'm treating them to the Dairy Depot.

"Obviously we can't do anything until they open it up so we can be together in groups. School has to be open. Obviously we won't do anything without the school's blessing."

Steig is also Reed City wrestling coach but said he doesn't have anything scheduled right now for the summer.

"They have scheduled the MYWAY state wrestling tournament for May 31," he said. "We have a few kids who will participate in that if it happens. It's normally done by now but they've moved it back.

"If everything gets back to normal, we plan to have the wrestling room open this summer and will participate in a few events. There's the Barn Brawl in Ludington and we always look forward to that. Everything hinges on (if such activities) are allowed."