REED CITY — Taylor Steig likes it more when she’s grabbing a softball bat rather than a set of crutches.

But Steig, who will be a senior, continues though her process of rehabbing from hip


Steig was a key member of the Coyote 2012 state quarterfinal team, which also included her sister Amanda. She had hip surgery last spring and missed her entire junior season.

“I just got cleared to play last Thursday,” she said, adding that she’ll be playing until Oct. 15. “That’s when my second surgery is.”

Her first surgery was April 2 at Royal Oak.“It was to reconstruct my hip,” Steig said. “I was born with my hips turned out. My tissue was torn off my bone.”

Steig, whose dad Roger is the softball coach, said she realized something was wrong last year.

“It started bothering me during the middle of last season,” Steig said.

She then had successful surgery but had to miss the entire 2013 spring.

“It was tough,” she said. “I felt like I wasn’t helping my team at all.”

She continues to be in physical therapy involving a lot of leg lifting.

Prior to Thursday, Steig said about all she’s done in softball is play catch.

“I wasn’t supposed to but I did,” she said.

Steig will play in the Mount Pleasant League and also in Reed City fall baseball action in Grand Rapids until her surgery.

Fall games are on Sunday.

Steig is usually a catcher but can’t play that position right now with her hip.

“I’m not cleared to squat yet,” she said. “It’s supposed to be six months, 100 percent. I can still slide. I’m still working on running. I’m a little slower. I can’t squat past the 90 degree angle.”

The first surgery was on her left hip. The next surgery will be on her right hip.

“It’s been three months since my last surgery,” she said. “But then I’ll be on crutches for two more months.”

Steig figured she’ll be able to resume her softball practice in January.

“My second hip doesn’t have the tissue torn off the bone,” she said. “So it should be easier.”