Reed City soccer senior looking to score more goals

REED CITY — Katelin Reed has scored some goals throughout the season for Reed City’s soccer team and is looking for the Coyotes to have more success in the final weeks of the season.

A major highlight this season for Reed was scoring a goal in a 2-2 tie against Hart.

“I remember hustling down and a (teammate) kicking it in the center,” Reed said. “The keeper had it, it went loose and I kicked it in.”

She had scored two in an 8-4 loss to White Cloud.

Against Hart, “we played well and put up a good flight. We were up but we let it go. But I think we competed well,” Reed said.

Reed plays left and right striker. It’s her third varsity season.

“Last year, I was out most of the year with a concussion, but I think I’ve improved a lot,” she said. “I’m passing and shooting better. I want to work on my passing, dribbling and ball handling.”

Reed City notched its first win of the season over Kent City in late April and Reed hopes to help the Coyotes win a few more before the season ends.

Reed City is at Big Rapids on May 18.