Reed City soccer program starts open fields’ sessions

REED CITY — Open fields are now in full gear for the Reed City soccer program along with conditioning sessions.

The sessions started last week at the soccer practice field. New boys soccer coach Betty Kichak was watching one of the open fields, as an observer only, as the Coyotes gear up for the season, which starts with practices on Aug. 13.

The open fields continue Tuesday and Thursday for the rest of July. Coaches encourage boys and girls, with current eighth graders and up, to attend. Alumni can also attend.

“It’s tradition,” Kichak said. “We have alumni here, we have players, we have the women here.”

Varsity players that Kichak will be coaching and were on hand for the first open field include senior Dylan Langlois, goaltender Troy Giese, striker Quentin Kichak and Tyler White.

“We have some underclassmen that showed up to play,” Kichak said.

The ongoing conditioning workouts are also critical, she said. The turnouts have been strong.

“This was the first night so word will get out there that it’s back,” Kichak said.

The first game is Aug. 22 at Tri County, followed by the Leland Soccer Invitational Aug. 23. The first home game is set for Sept. 10 against Kent City.