REED CITY - Andrea Pollaski is like a lot of girls soccer coaches, who is trying to give her players some type of summer experience to make up for no spring season.

But as she looks back at a season canceled from the COVID-19 pandemic, Pollaski realizes she was forced to say goodbye to many talented seniors.

Karlie Kearns was among those 12th graders who would have been a key part of the 2020 campaign.

Pollaski had coached Kearns for two seasons.

"She was always in the top three for us to get all-conference," Pollaski said. "She also got all-district honors."

Kearns usually played right outside mid for Reed City.

"She would take the ball down and either cross it or go inside and take a shot," Pollaski said. "She had many goals and assists. I know she was always in the top (of those categories)."

Pollaski anticipated Kearns being among the top players had there been a 2020 season.

Kearns enjoyed a memorable 2019 spring season and helped the 4-0 Coyotes remain undefeated.

Kearns scored three goals for Reed City in a 6-0 blanking over Kent City.

"It went pretty well," Kearns said after this game. "We were passing better in the second half than we were in the first half. We had more communication overall."

"I've had a lot of growth since my sophomore season to my junior year," she said after a 2019 game. "Our coach (Andrea Pollaski) has taught me so much like with my ball handling and everything."

Kearns said during this interview she communicates well "and probably dribbles pretty well. It's been a lot of growth. I'm working on finishing the ball."