Reed City setter's consistency is making the Coyotes a winner

RC volleyball having a strong season

Rachael VanSyckle



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REED CITY -- Reed City's volleyball team continues to win matches, and senior setter Rachael Van Syckle is confident the winning ways will continue.

“It’s going good, we have a good season going,” Van Syckle said.

It's her second year on varsity. “Last season, I had to really bring up my role being the setter this year,” she said. “Last year helped me.”

One of the highlights of the season was coming back from a 2-0 deficit for a 3-2 home win over Grant.

“The key was to minimize our errors and work as a team and play how we know how to play,” Van Syckle said after the Grant match. 

For Van Syckle, the key to being a good setter is “just knowing your players and knowing how to help your team the best,” she said.

Van Syckle also takes pride “in having a consistent serve. You have to see where the other team’s weak spots are and get to those spots.”

Van Syckle put in “constant work” over the summer to get ready for the season.

The Reed City senior is hopeful the Coyotes can contend for titles this season. They defeated Big Rapids during bracket play at Saturday’s Kalkaska Invitational.

“The key for us is to minimize our errors,” Van Syckle said, “and work hard as a team.”

Volleyball is her lone sport.

“It’s very fast-paced,” she said. “It’s a very huge team sport and only about yourself independently. Like on serving, you’re the only person who can make that serve.”

Reed City is at Kent City on Tuesday.


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