Reed City set for track, athletic field drainage work

REED CITY — Reed City’s track and football field will be undergoing some major changes based on a bond issue approved by voters in May.

But superintendent Tim Webster said the actual work won’t start until next spring and be completed during the summer.

The project involves putting in new drainage for the field and a new track.

“There’s surveyors out there currently doing the actual survey on where the existing elevations are, where the existing drains are and all that kind of stuff,” Webster said. “It’s a drainage problem that always tends to ruin the track. We need a new track. That’s going to be the asphalt and everything, going right down to the dirt.

“We also have to properly redo the athletic field. Once we do it so that drains properly, we’ll put in a brand new track. That way, the track will last a long time. We’re doing it right this time. You put down the asphalt track part and that should last over 30 years, I would speculate. The resurfacing has to be redone periodically and even that has to do a little bit with what you go with.”

Plans are to get started next spring as soon as the snow is gone, Webster said.

“We will get in there to doing what needs to be done in a fairly short period of time,” he said, adding that more specifics will be known within a couple of months. “If you go down there this time next year, they’ll be tearing stuff up and hopefully (wrapping it up) this time of year. We’re hoping to play home (football) games the later part of next season (2017).”

Webster said arrangements will have to be made to accommodate spring sports, including the girls soccer team which uses the field for home matches and the track squad which practices there.

The district also had requested a proposal that would have included new baseball and softball fields and an expansion of the current high school gymnasium. That proposal did not pass.

“It didn’t lose by very much so the board will have to get together, regroup, see where we are,” Webster said. “The taxpayers should see that we’re getting some things done currently and see what is going on before we come back and ask for something again for more enhancing type of things.”