Reed City seniors server reflects on volleyball season

REED CITY — Brittani Yarger would have preferred playing volleyball this week for the Reed City Coyotes in the state finals. But the season ended earlier than desired for Reed City with a district finals loss to Chippewa Hills.

Yarger was in her senior volleyball campaign for the Coyotes and will now get ready for the spring softball season.

For the most part, Yarger was a serving specialist for Reed City. It was her second year varsity season.

In the district loss to Chippewa Hills, “we got off to a bad start,” Yarger said. “We were hitting right into the block.”

The Coyotes lost the first two games and took the first one to 34-32 before losing. Reed City was second in the Central State Activities Association during the regular season.

“The season went really good,” Yarger said. “We worked together for a long time and played together. There’s a lot of seniors that started.”

She was happy with her serving season.

“In the beginning, my serve wasn’t as good as last year,” Yarger said. “Coach helped me change it and at the end, I wasn’t missing any serves.”

Yarger said she worked on her lift.

“It helps in getting the ball over instead of having it too high or low and hitting the ball into the net or out of bounds,” Yarger said. “It went right where I wanted it.”

Her best match was against Central Montcalm.

“That was the first game where we didn’t miss any serves and we actually won by a lot,” Yarger said.

Hitting workouts for softball and warmups will be starting soon, she added. Yarger will be among the team’s top returning players.