Reed City senior making valuable contributions

REED CITY — Leland Yonkin is among the players who has been adding depth to the Reed City boys basketball attack this season.

Yonkin is a senior in his second varsity season. His 2014-15 campaign was a memorable one.

“I saw a lot of playing time for being cut both my freshman year and my sophomore year,” he said.

But Yonkin hung with it and made last year’s varsity roster.

“You have to keep going forward,” he said. “You can’t think (of the past). I just wanted to play.”

Yonkin saw some action on last season’s district championship team. He’s seen some starts this season.

His role was “just finding the open guy,” he said. “I’ve improved a lot from last year. I became a better shooter and I know the game more.”

When he’s on the court, Yonkin looks to shoot the ball, including the 3-pointer.

“I haven’t been shooting it lately,” Yonkin said. “I’ve been passing it. I’m going to start shooting it now. I’ve been working on it. You can’t think about it when you’re shooting.”

He’s hoping to improve on his work in the paint.

“I’m trying to become a better 2-point shooter,” Yonkin said.

The Coyotes are 4-4. This week in Central State Activities Gold Division action, they play at Chippewa Hills on Friday.

“I feel like we haven’t played our best game yet,” Yonkin said. “But we’re going to. When we get everything down, we’ll start playing a lot better.”

Better shooting percentages and stronger defense will help make that a reality, Yonkin said.

“We have to focus and buckle down, knowing that every possession counts,” he said.