Reed City second baseman set for banner season

Moore confident Coyotes can have winning record

Isaiah Moore



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REED CITY --  Isaiah Moore is coming off a strong basketball season for the Reed City Coyotes and is eager to help RC on the ball diamond.

He’s a senior in his fourth year of high school baseball and his second on the varsity team.

“I would say a highlight was beating Fremont and ruining their perfect season,” Moore said. “We did everything (right).”

Moore is a second baseman for the Coyotes in a position he’s always had.

“I like that I’m around with the shortstop,” he said.

Moore is confident with both his glove and arm. He’s usually the backup to the shortstop during a stealing attempt by the other team.

At the plate last season, “I was up and down,” Moore said. “Toward the start of the season, it was definitely rocky. Toward the end of the season, it was definitely up there.”

He’s looking for a higher average this season and said the key is “extending my reach out.”

Moore refers to himself as a contact hitter.

It was spring break week for the Coyotes, who will try to get their schedule going this week after poor weather last week.

“Other than losing a pretty good piece with Payton (Hansen), a senior, we have most everyone returning,” Moore said. “I think we all kind of have a sour taste in our months because of how last season ended. We know we should have won that game.”

Evart defeated the Coyotes in the title game and the Wildcats wound up not only winning the district but taking the regional crown.

Moore’s basketball team finished at 14-7.

“Compared to other years, we definitely played 10 times better,” Moore said. “After the Central Montcalm game and the scuffle we had, we pulled together as a team. We lost to Ludington but Ludington had a good team.

“Starting off the season, my shooting percentage was all over the board. After a game at Tri County, I started shooting the ball well.”

Basketball is his best sport, Moore said.