Reed City school gymnasium getting brand new floor

REED CITY — This is an ideal week of sorts to have a dead period for a high school sports program.

The Michigan High School Athletic Association dictates that all schools designate one week for downtime in which no high school activities will take place.

At Reed City, the high school gym is getting a new floor and won’t be used for a few weeks. When sports teams resume their schedules, the middle school and elementary school gyms will be utilized until the new gym is utilized.

“We’re renovating the gym floor. We’re having a company from Wyoming that’s stripping the floor right down,” Price said. “They’re going to repaint it and resurface it. We’ll have a whole brand new gym floor.”

A new floor was definitely needed, Price noted. The school district has approved funding the project.

“When it’s all said and done, I think we’re going to have one of the finest gym floors in the area,” Price said. “We have determined the new artwork. It will be totally different than what it looks like now. There will be a big Coyote head in the middle. Inside the 3-point line, there’s going to be, pickled, they’ll pickle the wood, so it will be a different color. The volleyball court line schemes will be different colors, all of our sidecourt line schemes will be different colors. It’s going to look really, really nice. On the court, it will say ‘Coyotes’ on each side. It will look real sharp.”

Plans to renovate the court started around spring break, Price said.

“After several years of them stripping it and painting was starting to look old,” Price said. “It was time for a redo.”