Reed City's Devin Willard reflects on strong season

Devin Willard
Devin Willard

REED CITY — Reed City graduated several key seniors this season included Devin Willard, whose presence at third base will be missed.

She played a key role in her team’s district championship season which ended in a 24-12 record.

Willard completed her third varsity season.

“It’s gone pretty good,” she said. “I’m in a new position. I’m usually an outfielder but this year, I’ve been at third base.”

The two positions “are pretty equal,” Willard said. “I like them both.”

Her main challenge at third base “is going to my right and fielding,” she said. “I’ve had a little bit of trouble doing that.”

Her glove and arm have been strong.

“My outfielder’s arm, was helping me in the infield,” she said.

Willard hit the ball “pretty well, I’ve been bunting pretty well, too,” she said late in the 2018 season.

The team came together “pretty well” late in the season and was able to get the district win, Willard recalled.