REED CITY - Summer sports teams will continue to work out as much as they can throughout July to get ready for an anticipated fall season.

This includes Reed City's cross country team, under the direction of coaches Sue and Rich Saladin, who have been meeting occasionally in the early evening behind the elementary school to have practice runs.

"These are volunteer workouts," Rich Saladin said last week prior to a session. "We've had strong turnouts so far. We've had anywhere from 15 to 20 kids. It's good we can give them such a strong workout. They're ready to get working and hope for a season in the fall."

Everyone who shows up for the workouts gets their temperatures checked.

"We ask them five or six questions like if they feel sick today, if they have cough or anything like that," Saladin said. "We're going through protocol and making sure everything stays safe and healthy."

The age of participants are basically high school.

"We run around town, around the parks," Saladin said. "We're about here for an hour. We do a variety of workouts and running. We're trying to get the kids back in shape after taking that last 10 to 12 weeks off from school."

Ever since March, when Stay at Home orders from the state were being enforced, runners have basically been on their own, prior to the workouts being allowed on school property in recent weeks.

"They've been doing a good job on their own and when we get together as a group, you can see it," Saladin said.

Practices officially for cross country start on Aug. 10. It's expected dead periods the first of August may be waived this year because of prevailing circumstances.

Saladin and other coaches are confident there will be a season.

"I sure hope there is," Saladin said. "Abbi Kiaunis has a chance to set school history. So I hope she gets a chance."