Reed City players determined to keep winning streak going

REED CITY – Sean Woodside and Darrien Sweet are two Reed City starters who are both confident the undefeated Coyotes can take on some stiff challenges in upcoming weeks.

Woodside, a senior cornerback, is in his second varsity season.

“We had a real good season last year,” Woodside said. ”We’re trying to recreate what we did last year.”

The Coyotes were 9-0 during the regular season last year and are off to a 4-0 start this season.

“I learned a lot,” he said, adding that a lot of time was spent in conditioning during the summer in getting ready for this season. “The coaches have given us the right keys to read and our blocking schemes are working out pretty good right now. (This year) I read my position a lot faster.”

The team’s best game might have been last week against Newaygo said Woodside, whose Coyotes play at Lakeview this week.

“I think Chippewa Hills will be our toughest team coming up,” he said. “We have to make sure we don’t get beat deep or they’ll score.”

Sweet is a junior offensive right guard in his first varsity season.

He’s played that position on the freshman and JV levels.

“It was the quickness and getting used to how they hit,” said Sweet, referring to the adjustment necessary to take the next step to the varsity level. “I thought I did pretty well and the team has helped me out.

“ I just need to sustain my block and go as hard as I can until the whistle.”

Big Rapids, the first week of the season, presented Sweet and the Coyote line with one of their biggest challenges of the season, he noted.