Reed City pitcher has key goals during summer

REED CITY — Olivia Lawson spent plenty of time in the pitching circle recently at Bristol in the opening games of the Local Area Teams League.

But it was time well spent.

Lawson, a junior, was the winning pitcher in the second game as she and other Reed City players work on their skills in anticipation of the 2015 season.

“I think I pitched pretty good, better than I’ve done before,” she said. “I’ve been practicing.”

She also saw some action during the spring varsity season.

During the summer “I’m trying to start new stuff,” Lawson said. “I’m working on mostly fundamentals. During the summer, I try to throw new stuff like curveballs, try to work on that and try to work on my changeup, and mostly try to get my stride out farther.”

Like any player, Lawson is confident she made some strides during the spring.

“Everybody has work to do,” she said. “Being on varsity as a sophomore was tough for me. It was a big change. I definitely enjoyed it. I have good teammates and I improved a lot.”

She received the Most Improved Player award at the team’s banquet.

“I think coach noticed I improved too,” Lawson said.

The improvement wasn’t just in pitching and fielding but also in hitting, she noted.

“I need to work on slapping,” Lawson said of her work as a left-handed hitter. “Only lefties can do it. I only slapped twice during a game. We were working on different ways to slap. A lot of us didn’t slap that much. I mostly swung and bunted a little bit and slapped a couple of times.”