Reed City pitcher focusing on summer league work

REED CITY — Julianne Griffin is coming off an all-district season for the Reed City softball team but isn’t taking the summer off from the sport.

She’s playing for Diamonds of Grand Rapids, which has had six tournaments during the summer.

“They’re all over southern Michigan,” Griffin said. “That helps me a lot and improves my game. It’s pretty much like playing an extra season for all of us. Along with that, I’m playing the LAT (Local Area Teams) League on Wednesdays (at Bristol).”

Griffin has been in tournaments for the Diamonds in Kalamazoo and Mount Pleasant.

“It’s going, but it’s a lot different not pitching so much,” she said. “That helps me a lot, actually. I’ve been using different pitches just to create more movement which helps especially in travel ball because there’s lot better hitting squads than there is in high school ball.”

An all-district choice as a pitcher during the 2013 season, Griffin has also been focusing during the summer on trying to improve her hitting.

“It’s my form and making contact with the ball, mostly,” she said.

Griffin has been focusing on softball as her main sport but indicated she might try something else.

“I think I’m going to do cross country in the fall too, just to improve my stamina,” she said.

Griffin realizes it’s important to be active in the summer. She pitched and played first base last Wednesday during LAT League action.

“It’s very important,” she said. “I enjoy playing ball and getting those extra games in. It helps your game a lot. It seems like we see better hitters. It’s almost a different attitude.”

Griffin and the Coyotes will play in LAT League games Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and next.