Reed City junior striker remains confident

ls soccer team has started out 0-6 but junior Kendra Repo likes the progress her team is making.

“We started out the season a little slow but I think we’ve gotten a little better every game,” said Repo.

Repo plays right striker for the Coyotes and saw some varsity action last year.

“I’ve improved a lot,” she said. “I’ve gotten quicker, Varsity is a lot faster paced so I’ve had to adapt to that.”

Her role as striker has been to “help the team score, help assist the scorer, be aggressive up top,” Repo said. “I think I’ve been playing well. I’ve improved a lot from last year. I think I’m pretty quick with my feet,”

She’s hoping to improve on stronger kicks.

“We have to keep trying our hardest, don’t give up, and keep going 100 percent in practice,” Repo said, adding that despite several weeks of not being able to get outside because of the weather, progress is finally being made. “We’re getting to where we need to be.”