REED CITY - Demi Lodholtz was all set to go for Reed City the week of Nov. 9 when the Coyote girls basketball team was opening its practice for the 2020-2021 campaign.

This was almost three months ago and the Coyotes were still waiting for their first game.

State health department officials lifted the ban on contact sports and the Coyotes were scheduled to start this week.

Once the season does start, fan participation will be extremely limited.

"It's all pretty crazy but it's the world we live in, I guess," Lodholtz said. "I wish once we started the season we could have people watch us. It is what it is. I'm still excited."

Right now, districts are scheduled to start on March 2.

Lodholtz also played volleyball in the fall and is looking to run track and field in the spring. The entire spring season was canceled because of COVID.

During the winter lockdown, Lodholtz, a junior, recalls not being able to have much access to gyms and being able to do any basketball type of activity.

"One of the players on my team has a basketball hoop at her house and we went to her place a couple of times," Lodholtz said.

Reed City has eight players with just one senior, and being able to get in as much work as soon as possible is critical, Lodholtz agreed.