Reed City junior making contributions for soccer team

REED CITY — It’s no secret Reed City has a young boys soccer team this season.

Neither is it a secret that the Coyotes will be relying on returning players like junior Seth Phelps to be making contributions to the attack this year.

A key moment for Phelps and the Coyotes came early in the season in a 5-4 win over Crossroads Charter Academy, in which he scored a goal.

“Overall, we played very well as a team,” he said after that game.

This marks Phelps’ third season of varsity soccer. He plays mid-defense and attacking mid, very similar to what he’s played in the past.

“Shooting, defense, and little bit of both, and sending the ball through,” is Phelps’ main focus.

His goal was critical since it gave the Coyotes their first win of the season.

“I got the throw in to my feet and was looking for somebody in front of the goal,” he said. “I just shot it out in front of the goal and got lucky, I guess. It went in the top right corner.”

Reed City’s next match is home Wednesday with Fremont.

“We have to play 100 percent, no matter what, do the things we do in practice and, especially, have fun,” Phelps said.

He added that he was working on his left foot.

“It’s better this year than it has been in the last two years,” Phelps said. “I’m working on a little bit of everything, like shooting from farther back.”