REED CITY - Jason May doubled his pleasure during the deer firearm season.

The 35-year-old Reed city hunter bagged two impressive bucks on opening day in the Upper Peninsula on public land.

May was using a .300 Weatherby mag, for both of his bucks. The first one he shot around 10:45 a.m. It was an 11-pointer with 18-inch rack span.

"I had trial cam pics of a 10 point and I was ready for the first big buck to come out," May said. "But around 10:45, he comes walking out looking for does and I hung some doe (scent) up. He came out smelling and turned. I got one shot off and double lunged him, and he ran about 45 yards. I found him and dragged him back to my blind.

"I thought I would sit because this was not the one I had seen on my trail cam,"

The second one he shot around 5:05 p.m. It was a 10-pointer with 20-inch rack span,

"At noon, a big 7-point came in but I didn't shoot him and thought I'd wait for something bigger," May said. "There were does, fawns and other little bucks. At 5:05, primetime for hunting, this other one came in before a doe. He was chasing the doe, I got a shot on him double-shouldered him and he dropped right away."

May has bagged plenty of bucks in his lifetime but this was the first time he hit two this close together.

"I never shot two bucks in the same day," May said. "This will probably never happen again in my lifetime."

May's family owns a farm near Remus and he usually bow hunts there.