Reed City hunter bags 11-point buck

REED CITY — The firearm deer hunting season began Tuesday, but Jason May has already experienced a hunt he won’t soon forget.

The 32-year-old Reed City hunter bagged an 11-point buck with 19-inch rack span with a bow while hunting on Nov. 7 in the Remus area.

“I had been scouting this deer since mid-July and have gotten hundreds of videos and pictures of him,” May said. “I’ve been after this deer since Oct. 1.”

About three minutes after he got to his tree stand, May heard a loud noise. 

“There were two big bucks chasing a doe,” May said. “He got separated from the doe. It just so happened that when he was looking for her, I hit the doe (signal) a few times and he came in looking, running right under my tree stand.”

May connected with his shot.

“He then ran about 150 yards,” May said. “I watched him fall.”

That made it easier for him to track his buck.

“I think there’s a decline in total deer,” May said. “But as far as the total buck population, we have a couple of other big ones out there, I’ll definitely keep hunting.”

He’s also a firearm and muzzleloading hunter. He’s looking forward to the rifle season. But he definitely likes bow season, which started on Oct. 1 and continues Dec. 1 to Jan. 1.

“I like bow season because you’re up close and personal with nature,” May said. “You get to see a lot more happen and you get to see it happen around you. With a gun, it’s just boom, boom. You see a buck and you shoot it.”

Another successful hunter during bow season was Terry Lehigh, of Howard City, who shot a 10-point buck with 24-inch rack span, on Nov. 7 in the Manton area.