REED CITY — Kalden Phelps, a junior, has been working with his temmates to catch up to the season and get ready for key matches later this month.

“It’s been an up and own battle for me in getting scores that are consistent,” Phelps said. “Otherwise, we’ve had some normal golf...we can always do better.”

As of mid last week, an 89 for 18 holes had been Phelps’ best score.

His average has been in the mid 90s and Phelps has been battling to get it down. He’s down slightly in strokes from last year.

The poor start to spring weather “set us back quite a bit,” said. “Last year we got out a lot earlier. Now we’re trying to make up with all the meets we can. It’s a little tough but we’re managing.”

The Coyotes hope to win matches in the last few weeks of the season and also bid to have a strong district and qualify for regionals in June.

“We’re doing pretty good, about average,” Phelps said of his team’s performances in Central State Activities Association meets and regionals. My chipping has been my strength. My long game is something. I have to work on. It’s been up and down all season.