Reed City golfers set for more action as weather gets warm

REED CITY – Poor weather conditions in April especially restricted playing time for the Reed City golfers, who were hopeful of more sun and blue skies in May.

The Coyotes were rained out against Manistee on Thursday for the second time.

The Coyotes play at Lake City on Friday. They will host a jamboree at Spring Valley on Tuesday with action starting at 9 a.m.

Matt Kienitz is a junior RC golfer in his first year of golf. But he’s expected to be among the key RC players. For 18 holes, he’s hoping to average in the low 90s.

Kienitz said his irons and chipping are among his strengths. But he needs to improve on his driving. He used his membership at Spring Valley to golf extensively during the offseason.

Another key golfer is Josh Hughston, a junior, who played varsity golf last season.

“Hopefully, it will be in the 90s this year,” he said of his 18-hole average. “I need to improve my drives and my short game.”

The Coyotes “will be all right,” Hughston said. “We can probably be top three in our conference.”

Reed City also has Nick Fu, a Taiwanese foreign exchange student. He said he’s played about a year previously in his home country. He’s hoping to average in the mid 80s.

“My drivers and chips are pretty good,” he said. “My putting is not so good.”