Reed City golfers eye strong future

REED CITY — Reed City had a young golf team this spring, but the Coyotes will try to get older with plenty of action during the summer.

That includes the freshmen coach Katrina Wray had on her team.

One of the freshmen was Josh Mund.

“It went pretty good,” he said late in the year. “I was shooting 100s most of the time, but I’m starting to shoot in the 90s now. It’s just better golf.”

His best score was a 96 for 18 holes. Driving was the best part of his game. But he was also working on improving his chipping.

“This is my first year of playing golf,” Mund said while indicating he’ll keep playing. “I’ve enjoyed the people I’ve met.”

He also played basketball and football.

“Golf is up there, it’s pretty fun, it’s pretty tough,” he said. But he’ll keep playing this summer.

Mason Bush was another freshmen golfer, who also said this is his first year of golf.

“I was with the golf team one day and they just told me to come out and practice with them,” he said. “It’s gone pretty good. I shot my first 18-hole 94 at Spring Valley (in mid-May).You just have to focus on the ball.”

His goal was keeping his 18-hole scores below 100.

“Distance,” has been a strong part of his game, along with his irons. “The part I’m working on is hitting straight with my drives.”

Bush also will keep playing this summer. Football and wrestling are his other sports. 

“Golf is up there with those,” he said. “It’s about as challenging as wrestling.”

Thomas Quinn was another key freshman for the Coyotes.

“Sometimes in the summers, I golf a little bit,” he said. “But I never golfed this much. I decided it would be fun. I like hanging out with new people.”

His goal throughout the season was to break into the 90s.

Chipping has been the strongest part of his game.

“I need to work on driving,” he said.

But like his fellow freshmen, Quinn plans on playing plenty during the summer.

“It’s been hard for me, but if you have a bad shot, you have to calm down,” he said.