Reed City golf team anxious to start season

REED CITY — Perhaps no sports team prays for good spring weather more than a boys golf squad.

That’s the case for the Reed City Coyotes who hope to start their season next week.

But, like with other sports, it all depends on the weather.

Coach Katrina Wray and her Coyotes have been trying to get ready, despite being hampered in their efforts to do much outside.

Returning golfers include junior Brady Slater.

“He’s going to do some good things,” Wray said. “He made a lot of progress last year.”

She indicated Slater and Bryce Grannis could be her top two golfers.

“I think we can have six guys under 100 (for 18 holes),” Wray said. “We didn’t have that the last couple of years. That’s one of our goals. It’d be nice to have six guys under 80. But it’s a realistic goal to have six guys consistently under 100. That will do a lot for our averages.”

Some golfers were able to get work done during the offseason.

“Bryce and Brady and Kaleb (Gallentine) have all played a few rounds,” Wray said. “Seth Phelps played a few rounds, and we have a couple of guys going to Florida for spring break taking some clubs to hit the ball as much as they could.”

The season opens April 14 at Chippewa Hills.

There will be a home match in mid-May at Spring Valley Golf Course on May 17 against Big Rapids. Reed City will host an invitational on May 20 at Falcon Head.

In the Central State Activities Association Gold Division, Wray expects Big Rapids and Chippewa Hills to be among the top teams.

“We didn’t have anyone make regionals last year,” Wray said. “It’d be nice to make it as a team. Collectively, if I can get guys in top 80s or low 90s consistently, we could make a bid for regionals. I think we’ll have a couple of guys qualify for regionals as individuals.”