Reed City goalkeeper having strong season

REED CITY — Troy Giese has been a busy soccer player as a junior for the Reed City Coyotes.

Giese is playing goal keeper and facing plenty of shots early in the season as the Coyotes work to get some experience in their defense.

Last year, Giese was striker and midfielder. It’s the first season he’s been a goalkeeper.“The goalie from last year moved so we needed a new one,” he said. “So I went to camp and learned to be goalie.”

He went to camp during the summer, realizing there was a good chance he’d be goalkeeping.

“It’s pretty good so far,” Giese said.

But he’s found out in a hurry why it’s a tough position, especially when a forward breaks free, forcing the keeper to take him one-on-one.

“Troy’s taking a lot of heat and he’s doing a great job for us back there,” Reed City coach Matt Webster said. “It’s a tough spot to be in playing a keeper for a young team. I couldn’t ask for more than that.”

Giese is trying to play his position and avoid injuries as much as possible, especially avoiding collisions with players. He’s had some scrapes but nothing serious.

“We’re definitely improving game by game,” he said.

Giese is happy he’s playing goalie.

“I’d like to think there’s 10 other players on the field doing the exact same thing and I’m the one player that’s doing the complete opposite,” he said.