Reed City girls use work in Florida to their advantage on softball diamond


REED CITY — This marks the second full week of the regular season for the Reed City Coyotes who hope their trip to Florida during spring break earlier this month will provide rich dividends for the rest of the spring.

The Coyotes didn’t have much of a chance to be outdoors because of the weather until their Florida trip.

“It was really helpful being outside and actually getting a feel for what it will be outside, and knowing who’s going to play where,” senior Brittani Yarger said. “We’re trying to get our fielding (down). We can’t really tell when we’re inside.”

The temperatures in the 70s allowed the Coyotes to get plenty of work done.

“We did it two years ago,” Yarger said. “They made it to the state quarterfinals that season. I remember when we did it. We worked hard. It helped us a lot.”

Being able to play in good weather helps a team to rehearse on game situations and the basics, Yarger noted.

“It went really well,” said fellow Coyote senior Taylor Steig. “I felt the team got a lot closer. The first couple of days it was rainy. The rest of the time, it was really nice. We had five-hour practices and used it to determine what positions people would be playing this year.”

The Coyotes played last Thursday in a doubleheader against Pine River. It was Reed City’s season opener but Pine River had played the previous week. But the Coyotes, perhaps able to use their Florida experience, were able to pull off a sweep.

“We worked on situations we’ll do in games,” Steig said. “In the past it has showed (its effectiveness).”