Reed City girls stay busy over the summer with camps

REED CITY — It didn’t seem that long ago that veteran Reed City girls basketball coach Brian Koopman was wrapping up another season on the basketball court with his team.

But Tuesday night, June 14, Koopman and his coaching staff was working with what will likely be many members of his 2011-12 team, who were busy practicing to get ready for a busy upcoming summer schedule.

Monday and Tuesday (June 20-21), Reed City was set for a camp at Frankfort.

“That’s a good camp,” Koopman said. “There’s a lot of big schools there. We play college regulation 20-minute halves. It’s good conditioning and a lot of running for the girls. We play six games. They’re good long games.”

Koopman puts a lot of stock in his summer program.

“First and foremost, it’s to get the kids in the gym and get them used to me and my coaching staff,” Koopman said. “Secondly, we get our foundation down. We’re not playing until November but we get our foundation of our zone offense and man offense and our defense down.

“And it gives me a chance to look at them, work with them and talk about things we need to work on during the summer. Maybe it’s working on your left hand, post moves or your outside shot, whatever it might be. It gives me a chance to talk to them on-on-one.”

Most of the girls at Koopman’s summer sessions will be playing with him during the 2011-12 campaign.

“We have a couple of sophomores up we’re looking at,” Koopman said. “They may stay up or go back down.”

It’s a typical summer schedule for Koopman.

“We usually have open gyms, go to Frankfort, come back and have some open gyms, might have a scrimmage here,” Koopman said. “We have our dead time over the Fourth of July. Then we finish up with a team camp at Tawas for two days. That’s another great camp, lot of great teams there.”

Jordyn Mason is among the returning players for the Coyotes who has been attending the open gyms.

“We’re running through our plays and getting ready for camp,” she said. “You definitely need to stay in shape. It’s good to get into the routine. You get used to each other.”