Reed City girls soccer coach eyes summer events

Taylor Harrison (left) would have been among the top players for Reed City this season. (Herald Review file photo)

Taylor Harrison (left) would have been among the top players for Reed City this season. (Herald Review file photo)

REED CITY - By now, girls soccer coaches like Reed City's Andrea Pollaski would be making plans for end-of-year awards presentations, honoring the team for the recently completed season.

But the season, like all other spring sports, were canceled because of the Coronavirus pan-demic.

Now with the loosening up of restrictions and the MHSAA communicating with schools' ath-letic officials on what they can start doing, there's some optimism of various summer sports activities being able to take place.

Pollaski had expressed hope after the cancellation of the season was announced in early April of being able to hold some type of summer soccer-related activities to make up for the loss of a regular season.

On Sunday, Pollaski said she has a meeting with Reed City athletic director Kris Griffin on Monday to discuss the possibilities.

"It's still up in the air," Pollaski said. "We should know more (after Wednesday). I think right now it's a school-by-school thing. There's definitely some guidelines set up by the MHSAA that everybody has to follow. I also know there's a little bit of leeway here and there depend-ing on the individual sport."

With her team having been deprived a full soccer season, Pollaski has a few ideas in mind if she would could get permission to pull them off.

"We'd like to set up some scrimmages," Pollaski said. "We've talked to some schools when everything first got canceled, and asked them if we could scrimmage, would they want to scrimmage us. There were about three to four schools who were pretty excited to do some-thing like that. I think the seniors were pretty bummed (with the season cancellation).

"If we were allowed to, I think we could get 11 (players) going. I'm sure not every kid would be able to show up. We could maybe even get enough for a small-sided game or something."